As a self-taught, working artist I have always reached to find new styles and mediums to create and grow with… my latest “Orbs and Flowers”… is an unstoppable joy.

Trekking through in the snow with my dogs on a wintery morning outside my home in Colorado or an early morning stroll along an inspiring beach; this is my manifestation of life, freedom and the art I create.

Being centered is the goal when creating and working in my studio. Each painting has its own focus, timeframe, and evolution.​

Working, reworking, layering, coloring, tapping into a higher source, adding “this and that”… is a daily task into creating the final piece.

I enjoy clients visiting my home-studio!​

Allowing a positive opportunity to spend time together discussing plans and the desire for paintings or commissions. Also a chance to comfortably view my”collection” of artwork for purchase.​

My clients, collectors, and galleries exist throughout the world. Their support has been and is a continued motivation for my commitment to grow as an artist.

If you wish to view my artwork in person, please call.​

Thank you for your time and many blessings!



“Dear Sybil, Thank you for being so selfless in gifting your stunningly beautiful painting along with your Father’s art for Bridging Bionics event. Your artwork raised enough dollars from our auction to fund 38 mobility sessions. WOW! I really love your heart. You are incredibly talented, generous and kind.”

– Love Amanda, Bridging Bionics Foundation

“How fortunate we are to have an exceptional artist (and person) right in our own backyard. Sybil’s work is inspiring and authentic with various interesting and dramatic collections. Claire and I keep looking for more walls to hang Sybil’s art!”

– Claire Evert-Shane & Steven Shane





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